Acknowledgment for APICES collaboration in DUTRENEO study presented as ORAL PRESENTATION at ASCO 2020 Annual Meeting.

We want to share the acknowledgment that APICES has received in a recent ORAL PRESENTATION at the ASCO 2020 Annual Meeting by Dr. Enrique Grande. APICES has participated in medical writing monitoring, project management, safety, data management and statistics of the DUTRENEO studyThis means an extra motivación to all APICES team in order to give continuity to the implication we have in every project in which we collaborate. APICES is proud of the recognition of our work and deliveries and we want to thank both Dr. Enrique Grande and Fundación CRIS contra el Cáncer for including APICES in the acknowledgments section of the presentation, and congratulate them and the rest of collaborating investigators and patients and their families for the project success.

This clinical trial assesses the efficacy and safety of the combination of Durvalumab and Tremelimumab versus chemotherapy in patients with bladder cancer.

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