Market Access

Design and management of tools implemented to monitor financial schemes and performance based agreements between Marketing Authorization Holder (MAH) and payers at local, regional or national level, including but not limited the following features:

  • Managed entry scheme monitoring / control.
  • Scheme database design, set-up and management.
  • Drug stock and dispensations within hospitals.
  • Patient’s outcomes registry.
  • Reimbursement control.
  • Pharmacovigilance.
  • Audit trail.
  • User profiles: e.g., MAH, payer, pharmacist,…
  • Training procedures programs.
  • Database export to client platforms.
  • Generation of reports as per client’s needs.

Design and management of clinical studies included into market access programs to maximize your product value against payers:

  • Real world evidence studies.
  • Late phase programs.
  • Patient registries.
  • Observational studies.
  • Pharmacoeconomy studies.

Implementing mechanisms to enable patients with an unmet medical need to be provided with access to a medicine, prior to the medicine is commercially available in a country.

Activities: organization, leading meeting, conclusion and analysis reports.

Methodology: e.g., meta plan.

Issues (product/therapeutic area/company): e.g., emerging markets, developed markets, stakeholders, markets access framework, strategy, positioning, pricing & reimbursement,…

Attendees: e.g., decision makers, stakeholders, HHAA, doctors, pharmacist, investigators payers, nurses,…