Project Design

 offers customized courses in:

  • Clinical research methodology.
  • Biostatistics.
  • Critical reading of scientific articles.
  • Guidelines for Good Clinical Practices.
  • Guidelines for Good Pharmacoepidemiology Practices.
  • Clinical investigation of medical devices for human subjects – Good clinical practice – ISO14155:2020.
  • Regulatory updates.

 organizes a course for Health Professionals on Good Clinical Practice (GCP). The purpose of the course is to encourage and facilitate the development of independent clinical research and quality, providing researchers with the knowledge necessary to ensure compliance with GCP standards required by law. In this respect, the fundamental objectives are:

  • Ensure implementation of the rules of GCPs in clinical trials in the institutions participating in the program.
  • Encourage the development of independent clinical research under the highest standards of ethical, scientific and quality required.
  • Help researchers to deal with inspections and audits of compliance with GCP.

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